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Why Partner with Dynawash ?

  • Superior Quality -  we ensure that each finished product fabric that leaves our premises is of the highest quality standards in keeping with international benchmarks. We have the lowest fall out rate for pigment dyeing.

  • One Stop Shop for all Fabrics – at our plant in Biyagama, clients can have all their Wet and Dry Proceesing, washing and dyeing processes, in any fabrications done at a single location with centrally managed quality controls.

  • Trusted by Big Brands – our processes and products are trusted and approved by the world’s top apparel manufacturers such as Vitoria’s Secrets, Levis, Nike.

  • Economical Rates – we offer the most competitive prices in the Country yet do not compromise on the quality of our output.

  • Extensive Research and Development – we rely on extensive in house and 3rd party R&D in ensuring that our washing and dyeing technology is continuously improved.  

  • Ethical Employment  – our recruitment process and working conditions are in line with global United Nations conventions and the MDGs protecting the safety and rights of the individual and ensuring no child labor.

                  * Formaldehyde  spot test

                  * Water hardness

                  * Residual chlorine test

                  * pH

                  * Color fastness to washing

                  * Color fastness to water

                  * Color fastness to crocking

                  * Wicking test


  • In-house Expertise – with a team of highly qualified technical wet/dry processing experts with a collective experience of over 50 years, they will attend pre-production meetings ensuring that client requirements are met.

  • Samples within 24 hours - our clients have the facility to obtain samples turnaround within 24 hours to present to their client.

  • Environmentally Friendly Processes – our washing and dyeing processes are maintained at the highest environment standards. We have taken this a step forward by relying on solar for energy conservation and with a goal to reduce water wastage and  maintain  water consumption to a minimum.

  • Quality Control and Testing – continuous quality control is an essential part of our factory. The internal laboratory has the capacity to conduct the following tests:


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