Compliance and Sustainability

Based on the philosophy of “Creating a Sustainable Future”, Dynawash revamped and re-strategized the company’s processes and products in ensuring they live by the environmental commitments of the company.

Dynawash lives by the highest quality standards of the industry ensuring that our processes and systems are transparent, safe, and complaint. We go beyond the mandatory aspects of compliance in continuing to be an ethical business.

We are committed to create a truly sustainable garment finishing industry which serves people, community and the planet. With sustainability as a core business imperative that underpins our strategy, Dynawash is dedicated to build a valuable enterprise with a human touch. We aim to build value through operational excellence and lead the transition to a sustainable planet and society.

Our sustainability strategy is built on three pillars, PEOPLE, PRODUCT, PROCESS which together ensures the fourth element PLANET is protected. It is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.. Our key sustainability targets are designed to align with the below SDGs.

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