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What is T hues?

The bold flavour of the Ceylon Tea is unmistakable and synonymous with its eponymous country of birth– Ceylon or Sri Lanka. The two have been linked together since the inception of the tea industry in 1867. From its humble beginnings as an alternative plantation, due to the devastation of the coffee crop, courtesy the outbreak of Blight. Ceylon Tea has grown to become the Number 01 export of Sri Lanka for the past 5 decades. Over the years the journey has been a vibrant one and adding another evocative colour to the scintillating voyage is

“T Hues – Naturally Vibrant Natural Dye”.

The T-Hues story began in Dynawash, an Industrial Laundry specializing in Garment Dyeing catering to Apparel Exporters supplying garments to the leading brands in the World. The collaboration between Dynawash and The Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) saw the creation Natural Dye produced from Tea Waste from Iced Tea Manufacturing Process of Unilever. A Classic example of collaboration between two companies, Unilever looking for sustainable method to dispose tea waste from Iced Tea Manufacturing process and Dynawash looking for Sustainable Dyeing option in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment from fast fashion fussed by Prof. Vinitha M. Thadhani- Senior Research Scientist SLINTEC and the inventor of the idea.


The unique proposition of T Hues is, this is probably the only Sustainable Dye in the world today to offer a colour range of over 15 colors with a Carbon Footprint reduction by 75% in Cotton and 37% in Nylon on a crewneck T Shirts verses a conventionally dyed similar T Shirts. At a time when Global Warming is very real and the plant is battling for survival where every little action matters, T Hues is a shining Story to meet the aspirations of the Global Clothing Brands journey towards sustainability ( under the ZDHC initiative. (

However, the story of T Hues does not need to end with Global Brands, we are now looking to bring these same benefits of T Hues to the discerning consumer in Sri Lanka by launching a range of fashionable casualwear for the Sri Lankan market as gifting and souvenir under the same brand “T Hues”.



This is the dawn of the T Hues Saga, still a small chapter in the Sustainable Apparel Industry but with a promise to add many more vibrant pages to the unfolding, kaleidoscopic palette.

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