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Community Bio Diversity

Kelani River Bank Project

Identifying the importance of the bio diversity and protection of the Kelani river banks, Dynawash has implemented an awareness programme in the area educating a wide-spectrum of stakeholders and interest groups, and has led to awareness and engagement in tree plantation and reforestation in  identified areas. This project continues through volunteer efforts of employees community leadership, schools and interest groups.



Mangrove Ecosystem Protection

Dynawash is evaluating the possibility of actively engaging in Mangrove Ecosystem protection, which is fast depleting according to environmentalists. The scientifically proven environment benefits of mangrove ecosystems such as reduce/ mitigate climate vulnerability and risks, increase resilience to climate change impacts by seizing and storing significant amounts of coastal blue carbon from the atmosphere and ocean, makes mangrove protection a worthy high-impact cause to pursue.

CSR - Save Kelani River.jpg

With a commitment to protecting the environment, Dynawash has embarked on several environment projects aimed at creating awareness, reforestation and protection of existing bio diversity.

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