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"DIYAWARA" Project

Being an industry heavily utilizing chemicals in our daily processes of dyeing and washing, and as a sector heavily dependent on water as a key resource,  Dynawash respects and is committed to ensure that this resource is not exploited and its surrounding water bodies are not polluted in any way.


With this in mind, the company has embarked on a series of water based corporate social responsibility projects that aim to:

  • Ensure that communities have access to clean and safe drinking water in adequate quantities

  • Ensure that water is conserved as an essential resource for human survival for all communities

  • Prevention of diseases caused by polluted water consumption amongst children

Dynawash CSR Diyawara.PNG
  • Ganthalawa Maha Vidyalaya, Kanthale.

Supply of clean water to WP/ Kuli Molaelipitiya  Vidyalaya in Kuliyapitiya

Dynawash provided over-head tanks connected to a piping system, including sinks and taps, within the school premises and tube well to the school, in which children suffered high levels of dental fluorosis and kidney disease due to consumption of water from underground or from water streams contaminated with agrochemicals.

The project has been extended to:

  • Palugaswewa Secondary School, Palugaswewa.

  • Ihala Molaelipitiya Vidyalaya, Thisogama.

  • Gampola Primery School, Pahala Giribawa

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